Welcome Demo Day Attendees!

Thank you for coming to the event! If you would like the slides from my presentation you can download the PDF here. The Niftorian Artist Accelerator has been…

Odd Even Awed

A little video slideshow to acquaint you with some of the images from the collection. The poem will give you some sense of the spirit of the project….

Some Bunnies Meta Whirl

A special, 1 of 1, animated re-imagining of the Some Bunnies concept. This video loop combines a little art and math to ramp up the psychedelic factor of…

Some Bunnies

Some bunny loves you. You are some bunny. I am some bunny. Hmm, maybe I listened to too much Jefferson Airplane as a kid. That would explain this…

Hit Reset!

Whether it is just unplugging from the daily grind, or, like are penguin friend here, taking in a radical change of scenery, we all need to hit reset…

Ewe Rock!

That’s all. I just wanted to tell you in my own sheepish way that Ewe Rock! You are awesome. And the whole flock agrees! Oh and the first…

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bunny in a paper airplane

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