I’m David Cohen, but you can call me Doodles, or Doodleslice.

I launched the Yellow Shirt Squad to spread good vibes, love, and happiness through whimsical art. These illustrations of whimsical animals are mostly in the form of one-panel comics. The characters in this world share an optimistic outlook, a love of puns and wordplay, and a matching yellow wardrobe.

Based in Atlanta, I have been creating art for 30+ years; from mural-sized abstractions to postcard-sized cartoons. I’m known for my animal doodles and poems like those in my coloring book, Color Me With Hugs, but I also paint, make mobiles, code art, animate, 3D print, and more.

My MFA is from Maryland Institute College of Art. I have been lucky to study under amazing artists like Grace Hartigan, Archie Rand, Miriam Beerman and Sal Scarpitta.

My influences range from Picasso & Matisse to Chuck Jones & Tex Avery, from Byron & Coleridge to Dr. Seuss & Shel Silverstein.

My favorite philosopher is the Cookie Monster. He taught me that the chocolate chip cookie is all the proof you need that we humans are more good than evil.

You can find me and the Yellow Shirt Squad online at the following links:

Instagram: @doodleslice and @yellowshirtsquad

Twitter: @doodleslice and @yelloshirtsquad (had to drop the w for length)

NFTs on Objkt.com: https://yellowshirtsquad.com/objkt